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Kheer – From Heavenly Taste To Rituals And Myths

In the book of food and its history, many dishes have their own story and are titled by their empowerment over different foods. These food and dishes have different histories and myths connecting them to the events of the past. 

Kheer is one of them!

Kheer, a mythical and one of the most popular sweet dish of the sub-content – It is found in every occasion or ceremony of desi households as a sign of celebration because the sweet dish Kheer brings different rituals and traditions in one pot. 

Now the question is why this dish is called mythological and is so connected to our rituals and tradition. 

Let’s look into the story of this legendary sweet dish and how it tied the knots from the subcontinental cuisines years back. 

Mythologies Of The History Of Kheer 

Pakistan and India, are countries with so many diversions not only in their histories but in their culture and tradition as well. But there is one common thing that attaches both of the lands and that is the cuisine of the sub-continent running in these centuries and connecting them. 

As we all know, every sub-continental dish is connected to history, whether it’s mythical or actual but each food does have a story. 

The history of kheer is so mythical and fascinating that it’s so confusing whether to believe it or not. 

Here are some beliefs of the people in the sub-continent about the history of kheer and how it originated. 

In a book named “ Kheer, on a Full Moon Night” it is written as: 

“The king ran into the chamber of the court, and the court gave him the final letter that whether he pays the debts or he will abdicate from the throne. 

The king was so upset as if he had lost his life’s treasure and felt so demotivated that he didn’t take care of his ancestor’s crown.  

King’s wife, the queen couldn’t bear the pain in her husband’s eyes and went straight to the Goddess Lakshmi’s temple and intended a night-long fast in front of the full moon worshiping and asking for ease in her husband’s matter as she made kheer and kept it under the moonlight to get the Goddess’s mercy through glorious rays of the moon. 

And that was the night when Goddess Lakhsmi blessed the king with wealth and prosperity and he owned his crown again. 

From that day till now this culture is celebrated in India known as Sharad Poornima where all the ladies make different types of kheer for their husband’s prosperity.”

It is written in the food history book of Persia named “New Food of Life: Ancient Persian and Modern Iranian Cooking and Ceremonies” that: 

“Kheer is known as a dish of angles. It is so holy and pure that this sweet dish Kheer is the feed of angels in heaven. According to the Persian saints and historians, it is said that when our Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) ascended to the seventh sky of heaven to meet God, the first dish offered to him by the angels was kheer.”

This shows the purity of this dish, be it an Indian Kheer or Pakistani Kheer, it has the feel of ritual and history which always takes us towards Kheer no matter if there are thousands of sweet dishes we have but, there is no dish competing with kheer. 

An Overview of Kheer 

The creamy lip-smacking desert, so rich and purified in taste that will reach your senses making you happier and more active than before. This sweet dessert has every ingredient and has the tendency to make you feel better in any situation. Be it a family dinner and you are fully stuffed with but if you are a sweet tooth then no power in this world will stop you from having a bowl full of delightful kheer. 

What makes the kheer richer in taste is that it is based on milk sugar and rice, a combination of ingredients that are so matched with each other’s taste and effectiveness making it more detectable and healthier too. 

It is said that whenever the kings of the Mughals use to arrange a ceremony or dinner for their people, they always order Kheer for the sweet dish and specifically asked them to make it in 7 different flavors which includes rice kheer, badam kheer, seviyan kheer and the special one was the zafrani kheer garnished with saffrons and nuts. 

With time, people and their creativity in food have created many variations in kheer and now you can enjoy fruity kheers like mango kheer, pineapple kheer, apple kheer, and much more.

The Piousness In The Kheer Of Laree Adda 

Laree Adda is the essence of love and care for all the desi food lovers who visit Laree Adda to feel the sense of emotions and tastes they used to have in their homelands in India or Pakistan from their mother’s hand. 

We wish to deliver the same taste you crave while entering Laree Adda and when it comes to Kheer, we all know the purity of this comforting sweet dish so we especially instruct our chefs to be extra loving and hygienic while making kheer. 
Laree Adda never compromises on quality so we add high-quality milk, rice, and dry fruits that give a fully rich and delish flavor to the bowl of kheer served by Laree Adda.

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