Chapli Burger

Chapli Burger

Chapli Burger

What do you get when you combine the west’s favorite dish with an eastern classic?
You get the much loved Chapli Burger!

Warm and soft burger buns, withholding Chapli Kebab infused with spices and herbs indigenous to Afghanistan and Peshawar.

But what exactly is this fusion of Burger and Chapli Kebab, you may ask?

Let’s take a brief look into each of the items’ history.

Although the true origin of burgers is a bit vague, some even dating back to 12th century Egypt; let’s travel back in time to 18th century Germany that had the largest ports in Europe. Sailors from land afar visited the port city of Hamburg, bringing with them a special kind of food item, called the Hamburg Steak. The ship sailed to New York and soon it became a popular food in America.

By the end of the 1800s, some European immigrants sailed to America and to their surprise, were served grilled meat patties placed between two pieces of bread – Now called “Hamburgers”, are considered to be the standard American meal, and often called the poor man’s food.

Chapli is derived from the Pushtun word Chaprikh, meaning flat. It is lighter than most kebabs and bigger in size also. Typically, beef is used to make these flat uneven patties, seasoned with local spices and herbs.
The legend says that Chapli Kebab dates back to the Mughal Empire, where it was enjoyed as a Royal dish. It is also believed that Persian and Turkish soldiers would grill freshly hunted meat over wood fire, hung on their swords. This would prove as the ideal on-the-go item for the weary soldiers. Afghanistan lays claim to this rustic dish, which is now a staple street food all over Pakistan, and loved by many even across borders.

Now, whoever came up with the idea of fusing a poor man’s meal with a royal beefy dish was a culinary genius. Laree Adda hasn’t backed down from jumping on the fusion food bandwagon. We took Chapli Burger and put our very own spin on it, with fragrant sesame seeds sprinkled on toasted buns, enveloping our chapli kebabs, cooked by staying true to the traditional method, drizzled with pungent green chutney, and served with a side of our in-house french fries!

Laree Adda – Serving the best of both worlds.