Our Story

Foreigner standing on Lahore Station

Laree Adda “Lorry Stop”, is a place between places. A junction point from where one prepares to embark on their daily commute, or a completely new adventure. People meet and talk about stories, such as cricket scores, politics and more. It is a centrally located spot from where you can take a bus, train, or many of the rickshaws lined out in front.

Laree Adda is a place that attracts people from all walks of life each engaged in their own individual paths looking towards a future full of hopes and dreams.

As these passerbys pour in and out of the space, Laree Adda is there to serve them with on-demand street inspired, made to order simple Pakistani/Indian food and canteen style offerings.

glimpse of desi culture
Pak Tea House on Mall Road in Lahore 1940

Intellectuals, writers, poets, professors and students gathered for long discussions at the Pak Tea House on Mall Road in Lahore. Circa 1940s..

Lawrence Garden, Lahore

Lawrence Garden, Lahore 

Karachi 1982

Karachi 1882

Street Cricket in Kolkata 1970

A photograph that appeared in the 1970 edition of America’s LIFE magazine of kids playing Cricket on the streets of Kolkata (India). LIFE described it as ‘Road Cricket’.