Seekh Kebab Wrap

Seekh Kebab Wrap

Exceptionally juicy Chicken Seekh Kebabs are rolled in our very popular and fluffy Butter Naan – Garnished with Laree Adda’s special spices, chutney sauce, and marinated onions makes them the most delicious of all wraps!

Welcome to Laree Adda

We pride ourselves on serving the most mouth-watering dishes – specially when it comes to serving the nostalgic taste of desi dishes in New Jersey.

We are delighted to introduce the newest addition to our menu – “Seekh Kebab Wrap”

Packed with aromatic spices, chutney sauce, and marinated onions, the tender Chicken Seekh Kebab is perfectly grilled and wrapped in our buttery, fluffy naan – Exciting your taste buds and ensuring that they pique by the flavorful explosion of our Kebab Wrap in every bite!

Our Chicken Seekh Kebab has a distinctive flavor that you won’t find anywhere else, as it is carefully crafted with the finest of ingredients and the ideal combination of spices. Our famous butter naan that is light, fluffy and wonderfully complemented by the Seekh Kebab, transforms this wrap into the perfection that it is.

It’s Unlike Any Other Wrap..

What really sets our Seekh Kebab Wrap apart is our chutney sauce and the marinated onions. The chutney sauce is made with a blend of herbs and spices that enhance the flavor of Seekh Kebab, while the marinated onions are responsible for adding a tangy and crunchy texture to the wrap.

Available for just $6.99, makes it the perfect choice for a quick lunch, a snack, or to take on the go. Our Seekh Kebab Wrap is a delicious and affordable option that brings happiness to your taste buds, stomach, and your wallet too!

Drop by at Laree Adda and make sure to order our Seekh Kebab Wraps. Once you try our Wraps, we’re confident you’ll be back for more!