Paratha – An Edible Form of Love

Unanimously loved and generally consumed for breakfast, paratha is a type of Indian bread that is layered and flaky, with an immensely attractive golden-brown color. Its name comes from a combination of two words “parat” and “atta” (flour), which means a cooked dough with layers. Made in diverse shapes such as round, triangular, square, or heptagonal, paratha is made with whole wheat flour that is then baked in ghee i.e. Indian clarified butter.

To make the experience exceptional, parathas are often paired and stuffed with fillings like boiled potatoes, cauliflower, garlic, ginger, chili, paneer, or even radish. And just as you think how can it get better? They are then also served with heaven for the taste buds – pickles, yogurt, homemade chutneys, or meat and vegetable curries. In Punjab and the surrounding regions, plain paratha is a morning tradition and is consumed with lassi i.e. a widely loved sweet drink that is made with yogurt.

This universally craved flatbread basically originated from a city in Pakistan’s Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province called Peshawar, but it couldn’t be contained and rapidly spread far and wide, all across neighboring India, where it can now be seen all almost all the households, as well as street, stands and roadside eateries. Popularly consumed by rolling it and dipping it into tea, parathas are also known as “parotta” in Southern regions of India.

History of Paratha

According to Banerji (2010), parathas are associated with Punjabi and North Indian cooking. The Punjabi method is to stuff parathas with a variety of stuffings. However, Banerji states, the Mughals were also fond of parathas which gave raise to the Dhakai paratha, which are multilayered and flaky, and derive their name from the city Dhaka in Bangladesh.

Moreover, O’Brien (2003) suggests that it is not correct to state that the Punjabi paratha was popularised in Delhi after the 1947 partition of India, as this alleged Punjabi item was known and loved in Delhi, even much before then.

Types of Paratha

1. Aloo Paratha

Aloo paratha is the most popular Subcontinental flatbread that can be found in almost all homes, restaurants, and street cabins. An ideal and rich meal for breakfast is considered to be an Aloo ka paratha, which is stuffed with mashed and boiled potatoes, together with other spicy ingredients like green chilies, mustard seeds, roasted peanuts; and anything that you love and it can contain without falling apart.

2. Laccha Paratha

Lachha Paratha or parat wala paratha can be explained as a very crispy and multi-layered flatbread, which is prepared with a delicious amount of oil; which is shallow fried with up to two tablespoons of oil and just prepare yourself for the exceptionally mouth-watering taste.

3. Cheese Paratha

Regardless if you add a little bit of yummy mozzarella or a whole slice of processed cheese, this Indian bread just gets too good – You’re missing out if you still haven’t tasted this lip-smacking cheese paratha. Instead of stuffing your paratha with the usual filing of chicken, vegetables, boiled and mashed potatoes; add a lot of sliced cheese or even the grated one, and then just fry it like your plain paratha – And here you go, the ultimate cheese paratha served with peppery chili sauce and chilled curd!

4. Vegetable Paratha

Paratha is not only a delicious homemade treat, but it also is nutritious as well as mouth-watering – These vegetable parathas are filled with wheat flour and fresh green veggies. The slightly fried paratha is the tastiest way to get the richness and diverse flavors of vegetables. What makes this paratha unique is its preparation, since a simpler way to prepare it without missing the nutrients, is that several veggies are sautéed and assorted with flour to prepare the dough, and then you can make all the parathas you want with the prepared dough.

5. Gobhi Paratha

Hot stuffed bread, served right away off the frying pan, along with pickles, homemade curd, and a spoonful of butter… What a blessing it is, right?
Gobhi Paratha is another loved across-all-borders type of paratha, that is prepared with grated cauliflower and different spices in the stuffing. You can also add mashed potatoes and crumbled cottage cheese to improve the taste.

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