Lahore Street Food

There is no better way to capture the flavor of a city than through its street food. The roots of street food can take us way back to history.

Street food is of particular cultural significance to Lahore, where it is a means of livelihood for many street vendors, dhaba owners and their families. This innocuous street food culture also ensures that the bond with Lahore’s rich cultural heritage is preserved, with influences ranging from the Mughal dynasty to the British Empire.

If you have a stomach of steel and taste buds with a passion for adventure, Laree Adda has some of the best Indian and Pakistani street foods to offer. We have rounded up the most commonly found and delicious street food dishes like Papri Chaat, Bun Kabab, Dahee Barey, Samosey, Pakorey, Aloo Chaat, Gol Gapay and a lot more that you simply have to try.